Worldlink vs Vianet which is better?

Both Worldlink and Vianet are leading ISP in Nepal, but which is better in comparison? Well, This article will completely clear your doubt regarding Worldlink vs Vianet, which is the best ISP in Nepal?. At the end of this article, These kinds of stuff would clear your doubts about Worldlink vs Vianet, which one should you choose? We have also reviewed best ISP for gaming in Nepal.

You can see there are many local FTTH broadband internet Service providers in Nepal, but Our first priority is speed. So be aware while you are choosing any Broadband internet connections for Home, Office or any institutes, because there are some very worst local broadband FTTH service providers too.

Actually, the “Unlimited” thing never exists over the internet, because every ISP has FUP Restriction ( Fair Uses Policy), but they hide from users. Even they never display FUP on their Ads promotion, so get updated with FUP policy. It’s a critical factor in Internet Speed if you are a heavy user.

Wordlink or Vianet Which is better for Speed, Security, and Pricing?

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1. Speed

Speed is only the first priority for any internet user. There are so many Leading, and local FTTH ISPs are available in Nepal, but I always suggest going with Worldlink or Vianet if Speed really matters a lot for you.

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In my experience, I can say Vianet is dominating over Worldlnk. Vianet provides some features like UltraBoost but Worldlink does not, but anyway again I am telling you Keep FUP in mind also. Because just by activating Ultraboost you can increase your speed to a certain limit, but FUP will apply.

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If you are a really heavy internet user, and you need a very high-speed internet connection with very minimum latency, then freely go for Vianet; otherwise, you can choose either Worldlink or Vianet. No problem!

2. Security

Many internet users blindly use the internet without any care of security. Anyway, privacy is very important for anyone. If you need a better speed with better security, then Both Worldlink and Vianet have decent security over the internet. I suggest it’s better to secure your gadgets/devices/systems by yourself.

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There are so many illegal activities with FTTH users in the past few days. So be careful, and follow Network security protocols. Never give internet or WiFi access to anonymous or strangers, because They may do any illegal activities by using your Wi-Fi Network.

3. FUP

If any ISP introduces itself that it’s an unlimited plan, then don’t confuse the “Unlimited” word never exists in the Internet world of Nepal. Both Worldlink and Vianet are having some FUP policies; you must be aware of them if you are a heavy internet user.

4. Compensation

If your internet service is interrupted in the coming days due to any reason, then both Worldlink and Vianet provide compensation against internet interruption. You can claim your compensation. That’s what Worldlink provides Time Back, and Vianet provides Service Assurance.


You can consider Vianet if you are a heavy user and speed matters more for you than pricing or anything else. Otherwise, Go for any of these which provides the best internet plan at the best price. Both of these ISPs is leading ISPs in Nepal. Before choosing any of these ISP first make sure that you discuss with your neighbor’s connection. Because sometimes ISP’s speed depends on area region also due to bandwidth management by ISP. So, Area is also the main factor for FTTH internet speed.

If You are looking for some other best alternates of world link and Vianet, then go for ClassicTech or broad link. But keep Subisu or Classictech is for the last alternate option. If you still know about cheap internet service in Nepal, then visit this blog post.

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9 thoughts on “Worldlink vs Vianet which is better?”

  1. Sir, I have a doubt about my net speed
    I purchased 25mbps but my net slower then my friend wifi he has 20mbps
    But we have same wifi so how can it this happened
    Any suggestions for me, sir

    • Bikal, There are many factors, which can affect your wifi internet speed. My suggestion is to change wifi password first or use mac filter first. after that keep wifi router in proper place, where all your device can get strong wifi signal. Reset your wifi router in case if you did unnecessary random changes in router settings.

  2. I don’t know about others but classic tech is worst of worst ISP i hv ever seen….
    Very much unreachable technical support….

  3. Simply Vianet is the best. I was Vianet user, discontinued for one year for certain reason (not internet issues) and going to be connected recently.


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