Where to Buy Laptop in Nepal?

Are You planning to buy a new laptop in Nepal? Don’t worry, In this blog, I’ll explain the best place to buy a laptop at a very affordable and cheap price in Nepal. There are many local and authorized distributes shops in Nepal, where you can buy. But, you might have experienced for the same laptop There is a variation of 3000 to 5000 rupee in price. So, Here, I guide you to some best places in Kathmandu to buy a laptop at the best price. We have also researched and published an article on best place to buy an original iPhone in Nepal.

Best Laptop Stores in Nepal


ITTI is one of the top online electronics gadgets stores. Here, You can find a much different variety of laptops from different top brands. ITTI sells Gaming laptops, Ultrabooks, Macbook, workstations, Business series, and many more. ITTI is the best for any type of computing solution, and you can also buy laptop accessories. They provide much high performance to all medium-low performance computer systems and components at the best price.
Another great thing is they have an excellent technical support system. ITTI also provides a hassle-free return, in which customers can return products within 7 days without any inquiry regarding the product. They have really best knowledgeable staffs, who really helps you to find the best laptop according to your need and requirements.

You can also visit their website called itti.com.np for online orders. They deliver all over Nepal within 3-7 working days. ITTI is officially located near Trinity House, Putalisadak, Kathmandu. People who live in Kathmandu can visit the ITTI store too.

2. Bigbyte IT World

Bigbyte is one of the old computing and hardware seller in Kathmandu. They sell a laptop, a desktop computer since 2010 in Nepal. Here, also you can find all the top brands of laptops and Macbook at the best affordable price. They also deal with Notebook, Ultrabook, Surface book, and server workstations. Your contact for any iMac or MacBook accessories items.

If you are planning to build a custom pc, then you can contact Bigbyte. You can adjust all hardware components and accessories according to your need and requirements. Bigbyte provides service for Gaming PC building and also workstations servers.

Bigbyte is located in putlisadak Kathmandu. You must visit this place in case you are planning to build a good custom pc building or buying any laptop at best price matches.

They don’t only deal with laptops and pc but also for Networking, Drones, speakers, CCTV Security systems, graphics, pc cooling, monitors, and many more electronics items. Don’t forget to check the Bigbyte official website.

3. Max International

Max International is another big hub for any type of laptop including Macbook, workstations, Gaming Laptop and many more. It also deals with Server storage, custom Desktop building, routing, switching server, networking equipment, and many more. They provide the world’s top brands like Cisco router security equipment at the best price.

Max International is a single place which covers Oracle software solution with every type of hardware equipment solutions. You can visit their website MaxInternational.net or else you can contact the store in Kamaladi, Kathmandu.


If you are currently staying in Kathmandu, It’s better to visit any of the stores mentioned above. They provide really quality service to the customer and worth value products. There are many other reputed stores are in all over Nepal, you can visit. But, My suggestion is at least you contact some stores like ITTI, BigByte, or MAX International about the prices of the laptop before buying a laptop from other stores or any other cities in Nepal. There may be a 1000 to 2000 price difference, but that may be due to place or cost of living or import cost.

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