Where to buy iPhone in Nepal?

Well, Are You planning to buy a brand new iPhone at an affordable price in Nepal? Here, I suggest you best trusted places to buy iPhone in Nepal. There are many chances of being cheated in Nepal. Some local stores might do fraud you, in case if you are not aware of identifying the original iPhone. Because Clone market of iPhone is growing rapidly. There are many ways to identify the original iPhone.

Best Places to Buy Brand new Original iPhone in Nepal

1. Oliz Store

Oliz Store is itself one of the official of iPhone in Nepal. So, If you are staying anywhere in Kathmandu valley, then just run to Oliz store and buy a brand new genuine iPhone today. Personally, I have bought many Apple products from Oliz at the best price. Oliz store is trusted and provides all Apple and iPhone products at best price in Nepal.

You can also buy other Apple products like iPad, Macbook and Apple watches. Apart from this, you can also buy top brands products like Dji drones, DSLR Camera, GoPro, Beats Speaker, Gtechnology and many more at very affordable price in Nepal. For more details you can also refer their official website called olizstore.com .

You can buy products online from their official Olizstore website. If You are still want to go and purchase from any local mobile shops in Kathmandu valley, then be aware of identifying fake and original iPhone.


You can contact Oliz Store in Basanta Marg, Kathmandu. Another Oliz Store Rising Mall is located in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. You can also check Google reviews of Oliz Store. They have got very positive reviews from visitors about their excellent service of iPhone and other flagship electronics gadgets like DSLR, GoPro, and DJI Drones.

2. EvoStore

Evo Store is another biggest Authorized seller of iPhone, Mac, and Apple products. You can purchase any flagship and premium Ear pods of JB, NEC, BOSE, and many more. I suggest you to visit Evo Store after Oliz Store. Both are Authorized and 100% trusted sellers of Apple Products.

You can also get many information about various electronics items on their official website called EvoStore.com.np . They provide authentic and genuine electronics gadgets item. Evo Store also has very good and positive customer ratting on Google map.


Evo Store is located near Sherpa mall in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. People who live in Kathmandu can easily buy 100% genuine and authentic Apple products from Evo Store.


There are various places to buy iPhones in Nepal If you are staying outside of Kathmandu. My suggestion is always to contact the main dealer or Authorized distributor of iPhone and ask them nearest genuine authorized Seller of Apple iPhone products in your area or city in Nepal.

Because I suggest you don’t randomly go to any shop and buy iPhone. Because it’s not the case of 10 or 20 thousand Android smartphone and there are a clone of iPhone or duplicate market of iPhone is also growing rapidly in Nepal also. So, Be aware of identifying fake and original iPhone in Nepal.

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