SUBISU FTTH Internet Review: Speed, Price, Customer Support

There are many Broadband and ISPs are in Nepal. Some leading ISPs in Nepal are Worldlink, SUBISU, Vianet, ClssicTech, and Websurfer. This post has discussed complete genuine SUBISU FTTH Internet review or SUBISU ISP’s review. ISPs and Broadband are different things. Broadband providers come after Tire 3 ISPs. There are also 3 types of ISPs called Tire 1, Tire 2, and Tire 3.

SUBISU is one of the cheap or affordable ISPs in Nepal. You can get SUBISU internet package at a cheaper price compared to some other leading ISPs like Worldlink and Vianet. But, Is it reliable or not? Whether it is faster or slower? Well, here I will share my personal experience with SUBISU Internet. I am using SUBISU since March 2020. First, I will share my plan type, so that you believe it’s an authentic review. I have also reviewed Worldlink vs Vianet.

Subisu FTTH Honest Internet Review

Subisu 15 Mbps plan

As you can see here I am using SUBISU FTTH (Fiber to the Home) 15 Mbps (Megabits per second) Plan, which cost me 10160 in March 2020. My location is Janakpur, Campus Chowk. The location also matters a lot for any ISPs in the world, Because Each different Location’s Management team has the responsibility to manage Local Distribution Server, distribution of Bandwidth, Power Backup, Local Customer Support, and all those things.


SPEED is a major concern for every internet user. In the case of SUBISU FTTH Internet Seed, to be honest I have satisfied with their Speed. I have a 15 Mbps plan, and I usually get a Speed around 13-17 Mbps. However, Sometimes during peak hour or evening time, my speed gets reduced by 50 – 75%, and I get speed like 5-7 Mbps for 1 or 2 hours. This happens rarely once a week not always. I have also faced sometimes Server down Issues from Central itself, in that case, I get speed like 25 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps, but again this also happens rarely once or twice a week or not.

In the first month of the purchase of the 15 Mbps plan, I was getting  30-45 Mbps speed regularly, and sometimes it used to reach up to 75 Mbps. however, after one-month os uses speed reduced to the original 15-18 Mbps as mentioned in my plan (15 Mbps Plan).

Subisu 75 Mbps speed with 15 Mbps plan

Subisu 30 Mbps speed with 15 Mbps plan

Now, Speed is normal as mentioned in my plan.  I use 2 wifi Router but still get better speed with 15 Mbps plan. I consumed more than 700 GB per month but didn’t face any bandwidth or Speed reduction like FUP (Fair Uses policy).  Subisu has not mentioned FUP more clearly with my plan. I think it’s harder to figure out FUP for me. Fortunately, I don’t use Torrent or streaming anymore.

Subisu Speed test

I have also faced too much Power shortage Issues in my location, which means whenever the main Electricity power supply cuts, then the Internet connection is also disconnected even I have UPS Automatic connect with the Router. If you think this could be a problem with my UPS or Inverter, then I say no. Because I have already experimented with this while the main power supply was there, and I point out the power shortage issue from their SUBISU’s local server end. This problem happens because I and my local SUBISU server lie in the same area. That’s why I able to figure out his power shortage issue.

I have also find the same issue some people are commenting on SUBISU’s Facebook page’s post, that they face internet interruption during main power supply cut, even they have UPS inverter connection in their home.

Unfortunately, the SUBISU tool almost 1 month to solve this issue. I complained so much time to Customer Support, but they used to say they have already rectified this issue. This power shortage issue was happed the whole month of September 2020. Now, this problem has been solved, no internet disconnected issue after a power cut.

SUBISU Customer Support

As I explained the power shortage issue above, it took around 1 month to solve this issue at my location.  Even, I live in the main Metropolitan area in Janakpuri. So, I honestly say Customer Support is very bad in my case. One day I faced some issues with Wi-Fi Router. The issue was like automatically an internet connection was interrupted in the router.

The problem was very minor, but I thought there might have some glitch between the Fiber Cable Connection between my router and the distribution box of the pole. I called so many times about my issue, and they said we send our local staff doesn’t do anything. I waited until 2 days for their local staff to come and solve my issue, but they didn’t come. Later, I thought this problem might have with my router, and I reset and reconfigured my router, and I fixed the issue by myself. So, to be honest I am satisfied with SUBISU Customer Support. I always have to wait a long while for their phone Support also. Their Customer Phone support should have to better.

SUBISU Internet Price

If you have a low budget, looking for reliable ISPs, then I definitely suggest you go with SUBISU. Yes, it lags to provide the best Customer Support and 99.9% Uptime, but it doesn’t impact too much if you are a normal average user. SUBISU plans come at are a very reasonable price. I have purchased a 15 Mbps plan at just only 10,160. Everything was included in this price, so I didn’t pay any extra cost for Installation or Router cost. You can refer SUBISU plan and pricing page to check the latest price and installation charge for FTTH or SUBISU wireless internet price.


How to check Subisu internet speed?

Well, there are different ways to check internet speed. I recommend you to test your internet speed using a legit site like  or however, you can also check your speed on your Router Admin Control panel.

Subisu internet speed test

SUBISU vs Worldlink which is better?

Worldlink is far better than SUBISU, but it depends on the area location also. Somewhere in Nepal, you might have experienced SUBISU is better than Worldlink Worldlink is better in terms of Speed and better Customer Support.

Classic Tech vs Subisu which is better?

Classic Tech is more better in terms of speed and security. because Classic Tech uses IPv6 for each devices connected to your router, which means no more NAT(Network Address Translation) is needed for IPv4 remapping. (global public IP address to local IP address and vice versa)  So, this increases both speed and security for your devices.

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10 thoughts on “SUBISU FTTH Internet Review: Speed, Price, Customer Support”

  1. Subisu Definition: Worst Internet Service Provider of Nepal

    I am using subisu for around 1 year. While installation it works perfectly fine after then subisu increase its package price to Rs 1639 and set minimum limit as 35MBPS. Before that I was using 20MBPS. We have 2 active users for 35MBPS.

    Why I hate Subisu?
    I have installed 35MBPS then also it doesn’t run smoothly in 2 devices. After calling to customer care they just say to plug-out and plug-in the connection. I have spent around as equal to its monthly charge on calling to customer. NOTE: Even though the customer care doesn’t receive the call its charges.
    This is my geniue review on subisu.
    I don’t recommend to anyone to install the subisu internet.

  2. One of the worst ftth net.I recommend people that don’t get connected to this worst net.Last 30 days,the net doesn’t worked for 18 days.The servicers are very irresponisible.

  3. for me classictech worked good for 2 years without hastle yes some problem in between comes in and out but those are fixed in shortly. Good to go. But may vary depends on region. I am from biratnagar.

  4. Subisu was one of the most scan wifi business in malangwa sarlahi district every 10 day i am facing problems that is no internet connection.I am n accepting this type of WiFi networks and they are also not responsible my complaints.they always said to call in head office.hami paisa dine timi lai ani complaint garne head office ma re

    • You are correct Rahul. I have also a SUBISu connection in another house. Every week, there are some slow internet-related issues and looks like their local servers no more responding.

  5. Slowest internet ive ever seen honestly there are so mant problems dont pay for this wifi it’s horrible and you’ll just waste your money


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