How to Sell Products Online in Nepal?

Are You a Dealer of any products ? or Do you have any products import-export business? This is the best time to shift your offline business online. You can also start selling products as a small dealer or shopper. Make sure you have unique affordable products to sell online, which is newer in the market and difficult to get available offline market in Nepal. You can also read about starting a business in Nepal.

There are many online ways to sell and market your products at a very low-cost compare to selling in the offline market. Here, I have discussed some legit methods, which you can adopt to sell your products online with minimal cost in Nepal. There is not any beyond science to shift your market offline to online. It’s just important that you should sell only legit and affordable attractive products online.

3 Best Legit Ways to Sell Products Online

1. Create Online Website Store and make your Own Brand

Nowadays, Market Competition is too high. Most of the customer prefers to buy the same products from popular and branded online website store rather than unknown facebook ads page. Facebook ad is also important to market your product online that will be discussed below. 

If you want to build your personal brand online store. It’s time to Create a Website online store. It’s very affordable to create this. We also design website online store at very affordable. You can contact us. 

There is some very popular online store like Oliz Store and  ITTI, which deals with very wide variety of electronics products. You can contact for making any type of online store website at an affordable price.

If People buy from your store, You will not have to pay any extra commission, which happens when the same products people buy from Daraz like a third party vendor app. So, it’s the first step to build your website and do the better market your product online in Nepal

2. Facebook Page Marketing

If You don’t want to create a website for any reason, which is still recommended, but you can also sell your products from your Facebook page as well. However, you couldn’t grow organically on Facebook nowadays. 

You must need to run Facebook ads to sell your products to the right customers. You can also approach use for Facebook ads campaign. We also help you to run facebook at very cheap price compare to others. 

3. Sell on Daraz or Sastodeal

If you don’t want to invest in marketing your products, you can still sell your products online on legit sites like Daraz and Sastodeals. You just need to pay some commission to these vendors after successfully selling your products only.

There are no fees to join these vendors. You just need to have PAN and VAT documents in order to join and sell your products online. All the packing materials will be provided by these vendors only. They will only manage all delivery and tracking. So, there will no headache for anything on you.

You only need to give a small commission to these vendors once your products are successfully sold to the customers. Because of the commission issue, sometimes products price might increase on the Daraz websites than offline stores. So, better you set the best price so that you can also make a good income after cutting commission to the vendors. It all depends on how you are managing and doing import-export and cost of living in your store’s shops.

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