5 Reasons Why You shouldn’t buy a Smart TV in Nepal?

A smart TV comes with its own operating system, where some pre-installed apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, like OTT platforms are already there. It also lets you download a third-party app, if your SMART TV has an android operating system or like that.

We always enjoy with smart TV. But, if your privacy is the main concern, then it might be harmful for you in future days. Today Most of the smart TV really never cares about people’s privacy. Here, I discussed 5 reasons, why you shouldn’t use or stop using smart TV in Nepal also. you can also read best smart LED TV available in Nepal.

1. Security and Privacy Risks

When you connect your device to the internet public world. You must care about your privacy like Is there anyone tracking your activities, if yes, then what information is gathering from your devices.

Almost all smart TVs uses automatic recognition (ACR) to track your activities on your Smart TV, so that They can show most relevant ads for you and then can earn maximum revenue as much as possible.

2. Security Updates

Most of the Smart TV companies forget you after buying a smart tv. We don’t see any security updates on smart tv like we get regular updates in Android smartphones. Major security updates are very important today.

Technologies are updating day by day, we must be updated with latest security patch in order to avoid any privacy leak or attacks. Like DDoS.

It’s better to use some alternate options like Amazon Fire TV stick, Google Chrome cast, Amazon smart tv devices. Here, You will get regular security updates and many improvements on software.

3. Worst UI/UX and Lag

There are a lot of lag on smart TV operating systems. Their UI/UX are worst because of no updates. These smart TV software’s are slower as compare to AmazonFire TV stick or any other branded smart TV devices.

4. High Priced

Smart TV manufacturing companies earn more money just for providing a worst smart tv software. We can make our normal TV as a smart tv using external devices like Fire TV stick with very minimum cost. I suggest you to buy a high regulation Display normal TV, then buy a external devices like Fire tv stick and make it super smart tv with a regular update and faster UI/UX.

5. Lesser Pre-installed software

Most of the Smart TV comes with very limited pre-installed software, sometimes we don’t find our favorite OTT on smart tv. Some external devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick are a really good dominant option over smart tv. Here, we get a lot of options to do whatever we want on smart tv.


Should you buy smart tv yes or no?

Don’t buy smart tv if you really serious about your privacy and personal data or You always concern about new security updates to avoid any unfortunate loss in cyber world.

Yes, you can buy smart tv. If you really never care about your privacy or never mind about new security updates. If you are using smart tv for organization or company uses, then you can consider a smart tv rather than non smart tv.

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