How to Start Online Business in Nepal

Well, there are different techniques available to start online business in Nepal. This post will help you to start online business in Nepal with the minimum investment possible. As, we know things are changing, Internet users are increasing day by day. So, it’s a good time to start online business in Nepal. It’s not one day or one-month success. It takes time to fully propagate your online business or store in Nepal.

Online business means a way of communicating with your customers in a digital way. So, You just need a platform to start an online business anywhere in the world. You can also start online business by using a Facebook page with zero investment in Nepal. But, if You have a mass customers or if you want to build a brand name, then you must need an E-Commerce website. Nowadays it’s very easy to create an E-commerce website with minimum investment. You can use some popular platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce to build an Online shopping type website and you can sell any type of product.

Successful Online Business Ideas in Nepal

1. Find Your Product Niche to Sell or Promote

The first step to start an online business is you have to find a perfect long term profitable product niche. Make sure you find a profitable niche, which could generate income for the long term in the future. These long term profitable niche could also help you to build a brand name for your business.

A brand name for any business is very important. If you build a brand name for your business, then you can able you rule the online market as your wish. So, all you have to do is first find a better long term profitable niche, which is helpful to customers. Your niche may belong to any category like physical products or digital products like Softwares. You can also collaborate or join with other bigger companies in the world to promote their product in the Nepali online market.

2. Market Research about over your Niche

After finding a niche or product for your online business, you just need to do market research for your selected product. You have to analyze the market competition for your product or niche. If you find there are lots of competition for your niche or some popular brand are also doing the same thing, then it will be difficult for you. But, You can use some different strategies to start on the same niche. I personally recommend you to choose a niche which has low competition in the market, and easy to promote or sell it to customers.

3. Design a Platform to sell or promote the products

After doing the market research for your niche or product, now it’s time to build a platform to sell your products. I personally recommend you create an E-Commerce or Woocommerce website using the WordPress platform. If your majority of audiences are not aware of using an Online website or App to place the order, then you can also promote it through a Facebook page and take orders directly from DM (Inbox message). However, you also design the WooCommerce platform using WordPress. Both WordPress and WooCommerce is easy to use and design a responsive shopping website with minimum cost. You just need a domain name and a reliable hosting server for your business. Designing a shopping website cost you around 3000 – 5000 in Nepal. You also contact us to design a fast and responsive online shopping or any other website with the minimum cost possible. Nowadays, you can also customize the Facebook page to make platforms like shopping pages.

4. Sell and Promote your Product

Now, after choosing your product niche and Website platform, it’s time to sell your product to customers. You can also run Facebook and Google Ads to promote your product and brand as well. If you have a low budget and couldn’t invest more on Facebook or Goole ads, then you can write a product review blog article. But, make sure you promote the right product and give positive reviews and all pros and cons of that product. writing a blog article is really tough and difficult to rank in the initial days, So I recommend you to first invest some amount in Facebook ads. Facebook has a lot of traffic in Nepal, and it’s cheaper to run Facebook ads rather than Google. You can easily run Facebook ads. If you face any difficulty then, you can also contact us to run any online ads.

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