How to Find Lost Mobile with IMEI Number in Nepal?

There are hundreds or thousands of people in Nepal, who lose their smartphone or laptops in Nepal. Some gadgets might also get stolen. So, What to do just after losing your smartphone? Well, We already know the first step to call and then block sim card. But, This blog post will guide you about the proper way to register a complaint against a lost smartphone in Nepal.

There are many places to register complaints against lost mobile or smartphones in Nepal. But, Teku police station Kathmandu is one the best place to register a complaint against the smartphone. The reason why I am telling you is I have experience with a lost smartphone and 6 months back finally my friend got his lost smartphone.

In order to register a complaint of a lost smartphone or laptop, you must have an original box with an IMEI number or any original VAT bill. Because First, they need to verify the lost property is completely belongs to you. That’s why Don’t throw any bill or original box with IMEI number just after buying any smartphones or laptop.

There are very fewer chances to get lost smartphones unless your smartphone is inserted into any active SIM card in Nepal. Because IMEI is the only proper way to trace your live smartphone location and current users in Nepal. So, Whenever someone who found your smartphone uses any personal sim card, He/She will be tracked along with all their activities like call and message details.

You can also do IMEI tracking of your smartphone using any software tools. But, if you find any number currently using that lost smartphone, then You need to have telecom or authorizes permission in order to check owner and call details of the current users of your lost smartphone. That’s why it’s so much frustrating task to do tracing by yourself.

Don’t worry another proper legit method which you can use is Google find my Device. Here, Again Someone who found your smartphone hasn’t deleted or signed out your Google or Gmail accounts and using an internet connection. It’s the best time to just log in to your same email account in your any device and goes the Google Find my device just by opening your Google account. This will help you to check your smartphone current location, charging percentage, Sim Card name. Apart from this, you can play a ring tone or you can delete all your data and backup from that lost device.


There is very very less chance to get back your smartphone if you lost your smartphone in Nepal. According to Authorities, only 5% of Smartphones could able to find success and get back to their real owner. The only reason Authorities couldn’t able to find is people who found lost smartphones are very smart. They don’t use any sim card and immediately sell them to the local black market.

I can only suggest you register your lost smartphone complaint. Whenever you buy your smartphones, tablets, iPad, or laptop Macbook. Never, throw original IMEI with Box, VAT Bill, and Warranty Card

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  1. please sir track my phone i lost my phone 6th march 2023 in samakhushi chok. my mob name is redmi note 11 . my number 9863790325 if you found. please help me


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