Buy Cheapest Internet in Nepal

There are many local and old ISPs in Nepal offering two major types of internet FTTH and wireless broadband.  FTTH is one of the fastest and very cheaper compare to traditional Wireless broadband antenna internet. There is much latency in speed that occurs in wireless broadband internet. Here, This post has covered the best and cheapest internet service in Nepal.

Another internet service is 3G or 4G internet, which is offered by Mobile Telecom operators. Mobile internet is usually slow or lesser download and upload speed compare to fiber FTTH cable internet. although, we have also covered the cheapest mobile data internet service in Nepal based on the current March 2021 scenario.

Cheapest Fiber Internet Service in Nepal

I have visited some major and biggest ISPs like Worldlink, Vianet, SUBISU, Classic Tech, NT Fiber, Broadlink. I found NT Fiber, SUBISU, Classic Tech are the cheapest internet service provider in Nepal compare to others. They don’t only provide the cheapest internet but also provide consistent download and upload internet speed with the lowest ping.

There is also some new local level cheap ISPs providing the cheapest internet in Nepal. But, somehow they fail to give consistent speed and better support. So, I don’t think it’s worth to go local levels with new ISPs unless you find a positive review about this with current users. There are many factors, which affects Internet speeds. Area residency is also one of the main reasons and number of users of the same ISPs in the same area. Because most people choose to buy shared bandwidth internet plans. Here, Bandwidth divides by the number of internet users.

But, I have faced some Support and delay maintenance issues with SUBISU and NT Fiber. Another issue with SUBISU, I have experience with SUBISU is Speed issues during peak hours or during evening hours. This problem is not daily, but I experienced this issue once or twice a week for 2 to 3 hours. I have written a complete SUBISU Review, which you can read.

But, if you could ignore those minor issues, you can also go with SUBISU. No other major issue except these minor issues. Another disadvantage with SUBISU is they don’t provide a proper Support Call. Most of the time their support teams are busy and surely in peak hours.

Cheapest Mobile Internet Service in Nepal

There are three major mobile operators in Telecom company Nepal. Ncell, NTC, and Smart mobile operators. I found Smart and NTC is one of the cheapest and better 4G speed compare to Ncell. Whereas Smart is the cheapest in terms of both Data and Voice. 4G is speed is also quite good. The only disadvantage with Smart mobile operator is it has still not reached all part of Nepal. Although it is providing service in all major cities of Nepal and some village areas as well. 

Ncell often confuses people with their Data and Voice pack plans. They offer some best value data and voice pack but also offer the expensive worst plan to accidentally buy their plan so that they can make money out of it. 

 If you are looking for the cheapest Mobile internet, then Smart is the best value for money mobile operator in Nepal. Some other disadvantages, which have faced with Smart is their number something starts with 9886, which fails sometimes to create accounts in some popular platforms like eSewa and others.

When I was trying to enter my Smart Sim starts with the 9886 number it was not accepting and saying invalid entry. I don’t know about the current situation, but for calling and Data internet pack, Smart is Best.

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