How to Change SUBISU wiFi Password?

Do You have an FTTH connection from Subisu or Worldlink? Then You may have a Router called the NOKIA brand. Here, This blog post helps you to change your wifi password and also secure your internet connection from unknown users.

Nowadays, both Subisu and Worldlink provides the same wifi router, which has also a direct port to insert Fiber cable as well, which means no need for any external modem or ONU devices. Your wifi router only builtin feature of both Modem. A Modem or modulator is something that converts analog signal to digital and digital signal to analog or simply encodes the signals for transmission.

Change SUBISU and Worldlink Wifi Password

Step 1: First Connect your device to your WiFi network, whose wifi’s password has to change

Step 2: Open any browser (Google Chrome recommended) on your smartphone or laptop desktop

Step 3: Type the default IP address gateway and press enter if any error shows (404 Time Out)  after entering then type the same IP address in an incognito window or private window of the browser.

Step 4: Now Enter your username and password and press the login button. The default admin username is userAdmin and the password is 1002363924

You can also log in as a super Admin for more functionality access and control. Just enter the following credentials.

Username: AdminGPON

Password: ALC#FGU

Step 5: After Successful login to your admin control panel, click on the Network option present in the left sidebar.

Step 6: Again click on Wireless (2.4 GHz) or (5 GHz) whose password you want to change

Step 7: Scroll down to SSID configuration, check your SSID Name (Your Wifi Name) and WPA Key (Your Wifi Password)

Now Remove this old password or replace them with your new password. Also, you can click on show password in order to see your current password. After Entering New password make sure to click on the save button and wait 2-3 second to refresh the page.

Make sure your password contains a minimum of 8 characters with Small/ Capital letter, alphanumeric (1,2,3,0) or special characters (@, $, % *)

How to change Admin login control panel password?

You can also change the password for the local admin user. This is the control router control panel password, not your main wifi network. Go to the Maintenance>> Password, Enter your old password.

Default old password is: 1002363924

After entering an old password, enter the new password you want to create. You can also leave some messages while entering the wrong password during the login of the control panel.

How to Secure Your Worldlink or Subisu Wifi Connection?

If you think your wifi password gets leaks to unknown users, then you can also secure your password by using MAC Filtering. MAC Filtering allows you to give access only to the selected devices, which you want to permit connection.

Go to the Security>>Mac Filter, Scroll to WiFi SSID, and enable it. To give access to a particular device, you have to enter their mac address one by one, and don’t forget to click on the Save button after entering mac address. 

How to filter Contents in your wifi network?

You can also filter or block any particular website or platform, which you don’t want to give access to your users. In this way, you can speed your wifi speed, if there are heavy users of particular websites.

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