Best ISP for Gaming in Nepal [updated 2022]

Gamers never like high ping and slow speed ISP with so many server downtimes. There are many local ISPs are available in Nepal. Although all smaller ISPs offer almost the same plan like bigger ISP, but they fail to provide and stable speed internet with excellent low ping. Ping is a very necessary factor for better and smooth gameplay. As we know low ping means faster response from the server. You can also test your current internet speed ping from

In this post, I have listed some best ISP for gaming in Nepal with excellent ping and stable speed. You can choose any of these ISPs according to your budget and area availability. All the listed ISPs below are surely available in Kathmandu. Those who are out of the valley can also choose any of the other ISPs listed below. There are might be some other new local ISP FTTH also available in your area. In my experience, Most of these newer locals are not good enough and couldn’t able to provide stable FTTH speed like bigger ISP. There is also some good newer local ISP, So better you ask people who use this. Because Area also plays an important role in the speed of any internet.

5 Best ISP for Gaming in Nepal 2022

1. Worldlink


We all know Worldlink is the largest ISP in Nepal, which has more than 2 million active users. Worllink has provided FTTH to almost all main cities to village areas as well. So, It’s easy to get a connection with Worllink. The Worldink is always best for gaming in Nepal. Recently, Worldink was configured local PUBG cache servers in their network inside Nepal. Therefore, you will experience low ping and better response in PUBG. Most of the Worldlink users are satisfied with their connection and excellent support and service. 

Worldlink also provides a stable speed internet speed with the lowest ping time. Area residency plays a big role in any ISP speed and ping latency. However, Worldlink doesn’t create any glitch in ping or speed during peak hours too. I have also used worldlink, and it provides satisfying speed as mentioned in the plans. You can enjoy online games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and many more.

Pros (What We Like)

  • Excellent Support and Fast maintenance
  • Excellent speed and lower ping latency time
  • Ipv6 enabled

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • Plans are costly compared to other ISPs

2. Vianet


There is some other bigger ISP that will talk about below. The great thing about Vianet is it provides a stable high-speed internet speed with the lowest ping time. All ISPs have some downtime and high ping during peak hours (maximum use), but anyhow Vianet could be able to manage constantly fast internet speed with the lowest ping time possible. Vianet is another best ISP for gaming in Nepal. If you have doubt between Worldlink and Vianet, which one to choose, then you can read our complete comparison between worldlink vs Vianet in Nepal.

If You live in Kathmandu valley, it is a better decision to choose Vianet instead of another ISP for gaming. Vianet is widely available in Kathmandu. You surely find their FTTH connection in your area. Its pricing is also almost the same as another big ISP Ftth like Worldlink. Vianet is really good for gamers. Who loves to play  PUBG, Fortnite without any lag and glitch.

Pros (What We Like)

  • Stable Speed
  • Low Ping time
  • Minimal Server Downtime
  • Affordable Cost
  • Uses Latest Technology and provides Better security 
  • Quality Service and no Negative  Marketing
  • Better On-time Support and Maintainance

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • Coverage small or limited to Kathmandu valley  

3. NT Fiber

NT Fiber internet

NT Fiber has also good reasonable plans. Some users have experienced high ping in NT Fiber internet, but some say it’s okay to play games like PUBG, Free Fire, and others. I suggest NT Fiber is best suitable for low-budget families with fewer internet users.

Another problem with NT Fiber is bad support or late response. As you know it is NT Fiber is coming under the government sector. Therefore, they have a very bad support team compared to other ISPs like Worldlink and Vianet.

Pros (What We Like)

  • Affordable plans
  • No extra hidden charges

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • Bad Support

4. CG Net

cg net

The whole ISPs pricing system was changed after the entry of CG Net. CG Net has come up with a very affordable plan. There are some issues with the internet in CG Net, but I think they are new now and still struggling to make their internet better. CG Net has two different plans one is 50 Mbps and another is 120 Mbps. Some users have experienced lag in their speed in spite of complaining regularly. Some users are totally satisfied with CG Net. CG Net is trying to provide the best service in the Internet industry in Nepal.

If you are a regular serious gamer and have a decent budget, then go with Worldlink. PUBG gamers have complained about ping and other lagging issues in CG Net. They have the best customer support and provide consistent internet speed with low ping. CG Net has no Dish TV features, so if you want Dish TV with ISP then better go with another ISP.

Pros (What We Like)

  • Affordable plan for small families
  • Good speed

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • Service is yet to improve
  • Support is not good
  • No Dish TV

5. Subisu


Subisu is the third-best affordable isp in Nepal. It is one of the old and largest isp in Nepal. Subisu has also reached its connection main city to village remote areas. Currently, I am using Subisu’s lowest 15 Mbps plan with 10 to 14 normal users, I don’t get any slow speed. We have played 3 PUBG mobile games at the same time with 10 other users, we didn’t get any lag or high ping in PUBG. SUBISU is very affordable for me compare to other isp like worldlink. 

I have also faced interruption so many times and a power shortage issue from their end, but that was fixed immediately if you are living in city areas. Another thing I observed is sometimes SUBISU has some downtime during evening hours twice or thrice a week. Apart from this, there is no such unnecessary interruption I ever faced. Read the honest review about SUBISU ISP.

Pros (What We Like)

  • Wider Coverage almost all parts of Nepal
  • Plans are a little bit cheaper compared to others

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • Support is bad in some areas
  • No ipv6


There are several ISPs to choose from for gaming. Another thing is location residency really matters in ISP’s speed, so how they are managing and power backup all this thing. My suggestion is to first keep the priority to bigger ISPs first, ask other users of that ISP before buying a connection in your area locality. Worldink and Vianet are still best ISP for gaming or those who do gaming on a daily basis. Also, Don’t forget to read Worldlink vs Vianet ISP comparison on PriceFinderNepal.  

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